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Breakthrough Communication

Breakthrough Communications with the Glasers

Do you have trouble with challenging conversations? How confident are you in negotiations? Do you put off reprimanding your challenging employees? Are you ever emotionally triggered by a partner and say things you regret?

Join us to learn new tools to thoughtfully communicate in any situation, no matter how challenging.

8:30am   Registration opens

8:30am   Continental breakfast begins

8:45am   Welcome & Announcements

9:00am   Program begins

11:45am Q&A

12 noon  Lunch

We live in a time when crucial decisions must be made in our businesses, families, schools, and governments. Even with the best of intentions many of us react automatically, emotionally, and unconsciously, making communication mistakes that take a toll both professionally and personally. Until we begin thinking consciously and intentionally about how we communicate through our disagreement, we are vulnerable to an unproductive spiral of miscommunication and accusations. How successfully we navigate our interactions largely determines our impact, our influence and even our legacy.

As married business partners for 40 years, the Glasers have spent their professional, academic, and consulting lives researching and teaching best practices for a wide range of communication challenges that organizations and individuals face. Their system hardwires those best practices into peoples’ daily lives and the culture of organizations. These are pragmatic models with flexible guidelines and progressive steps to develop and sustain strong relationships or repair damaged ones. Not just ideas and theories, but evidence-based models and skills to use everyday.

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